Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Is for Eagles!!

There is something GOOD about cold weather and a frozen Mississippi River. We have EAGLES galore in the area. They are so majestic and watching them as they fish and compete with each other is something everyone should see. We viewed hundreds of them at the Lock and Dam in Quincy, IL, earlier in the month. They are simply amazing to watch.

We've had a decent month with regard to guests. January is not typically busy where guests are concerned, so hosting guests and taking reservations for future months is always welcome. Our heating bills for the month are paid! We are truly OVER the frigid temperatures this winter and will welcome warmer days, as soon as Mother Nature decides it's time.

February is just a day away. Here at Reagan's Queen Anne, we celebrate Romance all month long for Valentines, and offer some special gifts for each celebrating couple. Our "Delightful Specialties" page on our website, with various items to make your visit even more special, is also available. Click the following for our webpage and links to make your reservation for your Sweetheart Getaway. Valentine's Special

We hope to meet you in February, but if that is not ideal for you, it's always possible to reserve online when the "Stars Align".

As 2013 Comes to a Close...

Following the slower than usual Autumn, we were glad to see that December turned out better than we predicted. We had more guests stay in December than in several previous years and sold Gift Certificates as usual. The month began frantically with decorating for Christmas. Norm was a great cheerleader from his resting spot, as Judy was the only one with enough energy to scurry around decorating each room and outside. Thankfully, Norm's R&R paid off, and his energy has returned following his visit to the hospital in November. Envision him being more physically involved with 2014 decorations. :) The onset of the decorating occurred earlier last year than ever before, to meet the deadline of December 2nd! We hosted FOUR bus tour groups in early and mid December and truly had fun hosting the groups. They were all delightful folks, and it was nice to share our "Victorian Gal" when she was all decked out for Christmas. The weather cooperated for the most part, in spite of some piles of snow.

Again, we were thankful for family living close enough to drop in for a few days. Gina and Haley drove from Illinois on Christmas Day and stayed a couple days with us to celebrate a Blessed holiday. Since we thought it best not to travel and instead stay close to home, we regretfully postponed our Christmas with family in Florida. It was a tough decision. We had looked forward to seeing the grandkids enjoy Christmas morning, for a couple years. So maybe we can gather together this year.

Again...Thank You to all of our wonderful guests, both new and established repeats, for the success we've enjoyed for nearly 15 years!!

Here are a few photos of the Christmas Decorations...

Thankful for Many BLESSINGS

November 2013 was a memorable month. Though business was slower than we had hoped for late October and November, a higher power "had our backs". Norm spent the afternoon in the ER, and following night in the hospital on Thanksgiving Eve. Apparently, he was in need of some down time after a busy year, and it took a Divine intervention in the form of a "wakeup call", to bring that to the surface. Now that we have Norm's blood pressure under control again, we are "forced" to enjoy some time off from the busy months, and what a Blessing that has been. Feeling better than he has for a year or two, Norm is back to daily walks, has more energy, and a positive outlook for the future. We spent Thanksgiving together at home, and truly realized how blessed we are. So in November, we were(and remain) Thankful for Many BLESSINGS.