Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jonquils and Hyacinths say "WINTER IS OVER!!"

At least we HOPE so!! I've been through a lot of winters in my life and I believe this is the longest I remember. We're so glad that the furnaces (all three of them!), won't be running at a greyhound's pace as they were over the winter. I'm so looking forward to having some decent weather where it feels the same inside as it does outside. A few more days/nights of cooler weather is ok. I'm just really anxious to get outside and do all the neat things we have planned for the yard this year. I know I'm ready to get my hands dirty in flower beds etc! We have many flowers popping up in the various flower beds and back by the pond and waterfall. I just love to see the daffodil heads swaying in the breeze. The little yellow Minnows are pointed straight at the sun and look like little smiley faces with a sunburst bonnet. I fed our fish yesterday for the first time since November. They were following me for a couple weeks each time I stepped near the pond. When the water temp holds above 55 degrees, I start them on cold season food pellets. They were really glad to have some real food. Now that we're in a mini cold snap, I'll refrain from feeding again until the sun warms the water again. Hey, you can feed my fish at the bottom of the page on my google gadget! Check it out. Just click your mouse in the "ocean" and food will appear. They will gobble it up.

We've been clipping along here this year at a pretty good pace for our quiet season. We're really optimistic that The Year of Mark Twain will bring many new and return tourists to Hannibal and it will be a busy summer for us. We don't always look forward to the hard work it requires, but once we're on a roll it all just becomes second nature. We're getting in the groove of being busy with guests every night. I must admit that I did enjoy sleeping in this winter from time to time. Now I know how it was easy for my Mom (who was always up at the crack of dawn), to sleep later in her mid-life and senior years. I'm at the mid-life point and will be a "senior" soon enough! :0) I'm used to the early mornings and later nights again now. Actually, it's 11pm and I'm still sitting here typing away.

We're really looking forward to meeting new folks this summer and are excited about several things for the year of 2010.
**We are opening our dining room to the public (tourists who are staying overnight in a lodging establishment other than Reagan's Queen Anne). Our website tells the whole story, but in a nutshell --we're offering our "Breakfast with Twain Experience" on a fist come-first served basis, when we have open seats at our breakfast table. In the spirit of Twain: "Well behaved adults and children 12 and older are welcome!!" Check our website for dates and
Email to: or call us (888)221-1251, for reservations and pricing.
**We are working on some options for Twain Packages which we hope to have completed by the end of March...stay tuned!
**We are also blessed to have been included in several publications this year, with a very special one to come later this summer...stay tuned! Hopefully, the media blitz surrounding the Year of Mark Twain will make it difficult to find a room in Hannibal this summer.
**If you are listed on Facebook, we
encourage you to become a fan of both of our accounts, Reagan's Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast, and also our Mark Twain Adventure page.

Once again, we don't know what the spring and summer will bring with regard to precipitation, but please remember that downtown Hannibal is protected by a very strong and dependable levee system. When the media is reporting that the Mississippi is over it's banks and in danger of Fl------ Hannibal (we don't use the F-word here), the tourist sites are still dry and operating. Even the Riverboat operates in high water when the river is above fl--- stage. So don't worry that Hannibal will be closed. Barring a Biblical Fl---, the town will remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS!