Wednesday, July 08, 2009

National Tom Sawyer Days!!

July began busy and has remained so. We were full during Tom Sawyer Days and wished we had a dozen more rooms to offer. If you missed out being able to stay this year, don't wait too long to reserve your space next year. Book early, as we usually fill that weekend a few months in advance. Along with some GREAT couples, we had a delightful family here with their young daughter for 4 days and are looking forward to their return. Weather was wonderful. I don't remember another July in all my years that began so perfectly. It was cool at night and only reached low 80's each day. We did have a bit of a downpour Saturday, but rain stopped in time for fireworks! They were interesting to view through the clouds.

We'd like to take this space and time to thank all of our guests of 2009 who have helped to make this one of our best years of 9+ in the biz. We're thankful for all the wonderful folks who have crossed our threshold and chose us as their lodging in Hannibal. What a great year so far!!!

Oh, and don't forget to visit next year! It is a big year in Hannibal with the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the passing of Hannibal's most Famous citizen. The year 2010 is the "Year of Mark Twain". Come join us and celebrate this marvelous man! Hal Holbrook is scheduled to be present as well as other notables.

Hope to see you soon!! Norm & Judy

May and June are History...

Well, I'm not sure what happened to our Spring, but it was SHORT! We had lots of pretty flowers, but we also had a ton of rain again. Flood gates were in and we were feeling deja vu. It seemed as if we were going to repeat last summer. Thankfully the rain subsided. May was a busy month and was better than the last three years during the month of May! Our hummingbirds arrived and are entertaining guests as usual. We were able to move the Hibiscus outside the 3rd week of May and they are loving the sunshine on the south veranda.

June was another busy month at Reagan's Queen Anne. Our roof is DONE!! It was wonderful to get all the ugly shingles with paint drips etc replaced. We have some repairs to wood shake siding to do, but are so thankful that the roof looks NEW! As we knew would happen, foundation plants were not going to survive the tear off of shingles. On one side of the roof the guys found FIVE layers!!! The bottom layer was wood shakes. We guestimate that they could have been there for a very, very long time...maybe since the roof was new. If the other 4 layers of shingles had been on the roof for 20-25 yrs each, that would certainly mean that the wood(which dissentigrated as they were popped off), could have been original in 1889! Amazing...and boy was it a mess. The wood dust was everywhere. We were thankful for an extremely hard working crew. They pushed themselves each day and cleaned up for us too, knowing that we had guests scheduled during the time they were here working. Following the departure of the crew, we removed mounds of wild daylilies(the orange ones you see along the highway), and bushes etc from the landscaping. We had planned for a long time to dig them and transform the foundation plantings. We're working on that, but saw some setbacks due to injury.

Boy am I glad that I have a Chiropractor "in the house"! While trying to re-set the boulders on the waterfall, I slipped and hurt my back. Thankfully Norm fixed me, but suggested that I refrain from my rock and landscape work for a bit longer. So with that project temporarily on hold, we focused on a couple less taxing indoor projects.

We were visited by some dear friends at the end of June, and at the same time enjoyed a few days visit with our Grand-daughter and her Daddy Tim. We missed having Kathy here, but she was home resting up for the arrival of our Grandson. We had a blast with Kaylie. She is amazing and we can't get enough of her. She was a big help and told Grandpa that she could break the eggs for the muffins, and she did! Each morning, she was my trusty assistant while plating breakfast for our guests, and was tickled that I let her place the fruit on the plates. The girl loves Blueberries! She helped me fold laundry and asked to help with dishes. She assisted with watering flowers and fed the fish and "gave them a drink" :0) . What a great apprentice, training early at 3 years old... Remember the back...well Grandma couldn't say no to a precious grand-daughter who wanted to be held, so I was back to square one with my back injury. This time sciatica was raging. Doc set the portable table out and worked on me again on several occasions. I'm just about 95% now and feel pretty good. No more radiating pain in my leg and I'm grateful! I'm chomping at the bit to get out there and dig in the dirt and plant some of the foundation plants, and finish the waterfall. Then the next project involves PAINT!! Oh boy...

We'd love to see you in July, August, September...or later. We've had Mark Twain HIMSELF here for breakfast several times this year and he'll be back next week. If you come to Hannibal, don't miss seeing this talented actor. You can choose to attend the performance at the Planter's Barn Theater, book the Walking Tour, or ask Twain to join you for breakfast in our dining room. Just load our webpage and check for your ideal time to visit to see if we have availability. Our most recent guests have said that sharing breakfast with Mark Twain was the highlight of their visit to Hannibal. You know he's captivating and holds your interest if guests choose to see the show in the theater, book the Walking Tour, AND ask for a Breakfast with Twain as well!

Hope to see you soon!!