Sunday, November 25, 2007

Seems as if November passed us by...

November seems was the fastest month of our lives. Certainly the massive amounts of exterior work we did this year were a factor in time passing quickly here, but we are so glad that our big construction projects and much of our painting is finished. We still have the west and north walls and porch ceiling to paint, but overall we're happy with what we accomplished. Since our painter was missing in action, we did all of our work ourselves this year. We both recognize that we're happy we didn't choose to be painters as a profession, but we'd certainly do a neater job and be more reliable than and ours has been.

On several occasions, we found ourselves saying that we wondered where the year had gone. Then November flew by with warp speed. My how time flies when you're having fun! This has been a wonderful year once again, and we thank our guests for being a part of that. To all whom have stayed with us, and to all who will come in the future, we appreciate you!! Two-thousand seven is close to becoming our best year since we began innkeeping. November, we are thankful for all those who have made it possible. With good numbers in gift certificate sales, our year will be our best since our inception. We're hoping for a great December!! Next month's blog will offer links to information about our Christmas Show in Hannibal. The Shepherd's Tale is a "Must See"!! We have openings on December 19, 20, 21 & 22 only. Give us a call or book online. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!