Tuesday, June 08, 2010


We are Excited!! Not only have we tweaked our website, hopefully making it even better...
We have been featured in the June/July 2010 issue of Country Magazine! Until the photographers came to shoot the recipes we had prepared, we had no idea how involved food photography can be. was fascinating. Country published a very nice article and photos, along with SIX of our signature recipes. We hope you enjoy the feature and will try the recipes. Better yet...come to Hannibal in this "Year of Mark Twain" and stay with us at Reagan's Queen Anne. We'll cook you up an extraordinary breakfast, each morning of your stay. Don't hesitate. We're not better hurry if you want to visit this summer. The phone she is a ringin', and we are filling fast! Hannibal will be filled with events, programs, celebrations, readings and gatherings, to commemorate the life, legacy and works of Mark Twain. Join us this year as we honor the fascinating life of America's most beloved author.

July 2010

Tom Sawyer's Days have come and gone. The weather was perfect! If you missed out, plan for next year and book early. We were full for several months and were forced to turn away more than a dozen requests for lodging during the Festival. Book early!! Business is brisk, so don't hesitate if you know the dates you'll be traveling through Hannibal this summer and autumn. Availability is limited for the rest of the month and beyond. Hope to meet you!

Look for the cover of the above magazine and the feature inside. Here are a couple of the photos and a couple links to the videos from our local ABC and NBC TV channels.

Courtesy of Country Magazine
Story/ Melissa Phaneuf
Photos/ Alise O'Brien

Click Photo for Video link
Additional video from KHQA