Thursday, June 29, 2006

June Gives Way to July

Flowers are blooming at a feverish pace (at least the ones I fed before my little "vacation" at the beginning of May). June was a very busy month for us and helped us hit, yet another record for occupancy. July is just around the corner, and will bring Hannibal's National Tom Sawyer Days to life. On our homepage, you'll find a link to the CVB website and NTSD webpage. Check it out to see all the fun activities planned for June 30~July 4th! We'd love for you to come stay with us and enjoy our town, our home and your "Summer Vacation". Don't forget to book our exclusive "Breakfast with Mark Twain" experience. It's more fun than you can imagine. See you soon! Yes...We have central air-conditioning!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Where did MAY go??

After spending time with my new little sweetheart and her parents, I am feeling like the month of May was the shortest month on record. Oh, and I had a birthday too. Maybe that was reason enough for May to pass quickly. At any rate I've been planting flowers and tropicals, one of my favorite summer jobs. Now if the raccoons will just stop digging out the new potting soil at night, they might just survive the summer. Yes, I mean both! I love raccoons, having raised several, but they need to leave my flowers alone or they may just find themselves in new "digs" in the country.

We've been on hold with the upper floors of the exterior painting over the past several weeks. We're hoping to see the painter again this month. In his absence Norm and I have been working on some of the first floor painting projects. We even found a window on the west side of the house that doesn't appear to have been painted inside the storm window, since the house was grey and white. That would have been back in the 80's. It will be exciting for us to see this ole girl with fresh paint!

Hannibal will be in full swing this month. Mark Twain HIMSELF will once again be in his theater, or you can always request his presence during breakfast, when you book your stay with us. Downtown museums, attractions and shops will have summer hours, the Mark Twain Riverboat will be running all excursions daily, the Trolley and Train will be on a regular schedule, and don't forget The Clopper too. Of course, the Mark Twain & Cameron Caves are both open year 'round. Come visit us! We have a wonderful veranda and rocking chairs calling your name. We look forward to hearing from you.