Thursday, September 06, 2007


August began HOT and became even HOTTER...what a month!! And we must have jinxed ourselves, because our main central a/c unit (for guest rooms) bit the dust during the hottest part of the month. We closed 3 of our rooms for over a week, while we waited for a new air handler. We improvised, and put window units in 2 rooms so we were not completely out of business. Thankfully, guests with window units in their rooms, were cool as cucumbers in spite of our sweltering 2nd floor hallway. Not withstanding hot temps and sauna hot empty rooms, plus a "grandma" vacation of almost a week for Judy late in the month, we broke our record for all previous Augusts. We'd like to offer our August guests a great BIG THANK YOU, for our best August in 8 years.

The hummingbirds are absolutely crazy this time of year. The young ones born here this summer are such fun to watch. We have more than a dozen birds at our feeders this year and they are a constant entertainment for those who venture to the veranda. Our spring bedding annuals have seen better days due to the lengthy heat wave, but our mums and hibiscus are filling in the voids nicely. Some of the late impatiens have survived well, and the mandevilla is beautiful as usual. We've also seen a fair share of rain and our grass is once again green.

We've been saying "where has the year gone" for months, but now it's really hitting us. September has arrived and soon the leaves will be blowing around. We're just hoping that the snow holds off for a looooooooong time!! We never look forward to the departure of the hummers, but they too will soon begin to migrate to their winter abodes. Be sure to check out our Autumn page on our homepage. We post local photos from spots around Hannibal and the autumn leaves are stunning. We'd love to accommodate you this autumn. Leaves begin to show color changes in early October. Since October weekends are nearly full, don't delay in reserving your favorite room. Or if you can come during the week, there are plenty of choices, and we discount weekdays year 'round!

We look forward to greeting you at the door of Reagan's Queen Anne.