Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What?? April FREEZE??!!!

Well I suppose we should be prepared for this (living in the midwest), but in spite of that fact we were shocked to have far too many nights in April with wind chills in the teens to single digits. Some late April Fool that was! Only it wasn't foolery...but actually happened!! With all the warm weather in March, our cherry tree had just set blooms along with tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. Some of our hostas had reached 8 inches tall. The flowers survived and lifted their sagging heads, but the hard freeze was not kind to the hostas which were turned to mush. We're hopeful that they will rebound. Most flowering bushes and trees were also "zapped". They'll fully recover, but we missed out on the pretty blooms this year. The good news is that our cherry tree is now in full bloom, so we're hopeful that only a few buds were damaged. We certainly enjoy the tart cherries in the summer and fall and use them in several breakfast recipes.

We're finally back to our painting outside, however we're doing it ourselves once again. Our painter left in November (yes, it was warm enough to paint then), and has not contacted us to schedule his return as yet. The pond and waterfall work began but came to a halt when the weather turned frigid. Boy am I looking forward to finishing cleaning out that waterfall! I just wish it wasn't such a nasty job, but it will be so nice when it becomes a little babbling brook once again. The fish are huge and very hungry. Be sure to visit them when you stay with us. Soon, soon....our hummingbirds will be back and I'm anxious to see the first one! I set the feeders out this week for the transients who are heading further north.

Our weather is warming again, Hannibal has awakened from winter and is set to welcome you. Give us a call or book your visit online. Don't forget to check our Last Minute Specials, and remember that Reagan's Queen Anne is the only B&B in Hannibal where Mark Twain comes to share breakfast time with overnight guests! Hope to see you soon!!