Monday, February 27, 2006

Wilson's Chamber has a new look!

Each winter we do a project (or two), to spruce up this old girl. Last winter our Captain's Quarters was transformed. This year Wilson's Chamber was the focus, so our second floor "Twin" bed chamber has a new look. Though winter months are a bit quiet in the midwest, fortunately for us this winter, we have been busier than usual and guests have been our focus. This means putting a few projects on the back burner for the time being, but we're not complaining. We'd much rather accommodate guests, than 'work' on painting projects! The new pictures will be up soon, so check the website periodically for updated photos. We have a couple smaller projects in the works too, and will update info on those as they happen.

Soon, soon...warmer weather will arrive, and so too will our exterior painter! Yes, the exterior is getting a makeover, finally! We've searched high and low and have found a brave soul who has signed on to climb to the highest peaks of our Victorian Lady, and is scheduled to arrive this Spring to give our old girl her "new coat". We promise that he will not interfere with your stay. There are plenty of places which are out of the way, where he can work when guests are in house. We really can't wait to see this beauty when her paint is all fresh and bright.

Last week we noticed that the daffodils and tulips are starting to peek through. That's something else that excites the gardener in Judy. With temperatures projected to be in the 70's on Wednesday, there will likely be some massive yardwork going on. The waterfall needs to be cleaned so it can operate properly...yucko! That's such a slimy job. Today, the fish seem to be mouthing "feed me". They're ready for spring. Several of the tropical hibiscus plants (brought inside during winter months) are still blooming. But seeing them in full bloom outside is much more gratifying. Come on March!