Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ok...I've been a Slacker

So now it's time to catch up...again. Thinking back to October - There were several issues with what is commonly our 2nd best month of the year. Not only had we suffered through the downturn in tourism due to the Mississippi River flooding, but gas prices were utterly ridiculous. Our occupancy was just plain down in the dumps, but I suppose not unlike many others in our business and local retailers who felt the pinch of the economy in the fall last year. It seems so strange to make such a report, since our history has been on a positive swing since we opened in 1999. We had a very strange summer and very odd change to the season from summer to autumn as well. The leaves were pretty, but not enduring in the least. The weather was a huge factor with regard to our sad October, and coupled with the anemic economy...well. We're really looking forward to a better October in 2009. We're hoping for much better weather this year...and not so much RAIN!! Farewell to October of 2008.

Thankfully, (an appropriate term for November), the month turned out well...all things considered. Weather was pretty decent and business was steady. We're thankful for those who chose Reagan's Queen Anne for their lodging in Hannibal during November. Thanksgiving was a delightful time for us, as we were able to spend time with family down south for the holidays. We had a blast with Tim, Kathy & Kaylie.

Following our return to the midwest, it was business as usual for December. We began decorating the first week of December and the weather was pretty nice for a few days, making outside decorating enjoyable. It always seems to warm the heart, to have this big old girl all gussied up for the holidays. Thanks to purchasers of Holiday Gift Certificates, and to those who braved the cold winter weather before Christmas, we had our 3rd best December and occupancy was up from the same month of 2007. The Shepherd's Tale was performed at the Planter's Barn Theater for the 3rd season, and was enjoyed by our guests once again.

January was just plain cold. I guess we have to expect that though, living in Missouri. It's always a month when we just cringe when the Board of Public Works bill comes. Boy was that a stinger. Hopefully the rest of February won't be any colder than it is now. In spite of that, something was heading in the right direction. If January occupancy is any indication for the year, we really have a positive outlook for 2009. Last month was our best January in 10 years! Here we thought that the economic situation nationwide would cause us to experience a devastating January, but it was just the opposite. We do believe that local merchants are feeling the pinch. So when you do come, be sure to bring your piggy bank and leave some of your coins downtown...they will greatly appreciate it.

February is in full swing. Valentine's Day has come and gone, though we still have some "Romantics" who have booked this month. This year we were blessed to have a full house on Valentine's weekend, and had over a dozen other inquiries for the weekend. So if you want to book early, we can reserve Valentine's Day 2010 for you anytime. Don't worry, we'll update you in 6 months and again at 10 months to remind you of your reservation. If you missed the chance to come here with your significant other this year on Valentine's weekend, remember us next year. We always treat Valentine's guests to something special...our gift to you. We still have some openings for the remainder of the month on weekends. And keep in mind that weekends are deeply discounted this time of year. Plus, we have a gift of a $25 gift certificate to use toward dinner at Hannibal's most exclusive dining venue.

March this year, will be the first time Hannibal's own Richard Garey will perform "The Gospel of Mark" at the Planter's Barn Theater. We've been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see the show. Not only does this talented actor "become" Mark Twain HIMSELF, he also portrays Esrom, the Shepherd who tells the story of Christmas. He performs JFK, Captain Bates (an English sea captain), and Dr. David Paulson as well. He is currently working on yet another character...FDR! This should be yet another fascinating show! Check this link for more information about The Gospel According to Mark, coming next month. Come, stay and enjoy this Premier performance. You'll receive a certificate for $2 savings on each ticket.