Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fantastic June!!

First of all, we're thankful for the absolutely perfect weather we've had this summer. It has allowed us to keep our rates the same as they've been for over three years. With rates for energy taking a gigantic Calaveras County Bullfrog leap recently, we're resigned to the fact that it's going to happen eventually so we can keep the boat afloat. We also want to thank all of our wonderful guests who helped to make June our best in eight years.

We have some fantastic news. Hannibal's own, Mark Twain HIMSELF, is running for President in 2008!! Check out his website: This is the same Mark Twain who entertains our guests on a regular basis during scheduled "Breakfast with Mark Twain Experiences". You may see him soon on CNN news and ABC Family and the Travel Channel!! There is another bit of very exciting news we are itching to share, but we're sworn to secrecy for a bit. We'll let you in on the secret as soon as possible. Let's just say that it will certainly put Hannibal on the map of the USA, when things in the works come to completion.

As mentioned in May, the flowers indeed are blooming and have added to the serenity of the veranda and back yard. Our front and side yard is in stages of redesign. Judy is anxious to see it to completion as soon as possible and works every chance she gets a bit of time off from the inside duties. The mosquitoes are wicked this year!! We're heavily supplied with Citronella candles, so don't worry about enjoying the veranda in the early afternoon and evening. We'll take care of you! With the mini drought, our pretty green grass has been fading, so this is the perfect time to rework the ground for more perennials and ground cover. Now the chore will be to keep them watered and protected from the summer heat, which arrived "on time" today-July Fourth, just in time for the prime activities Hannibal celebrates each year as we host National Tom Sawyer Days.

It truly felt like summer today!! YES! We have three central a/c units to keep this 5200 sq foot mansion cool in the summer. We hope to meet you in the future! Give us a call to schedule your stay.